or PM on Twitter (@NoiseWalk) or Instagram (@Noisywyvern)

Paypal invoices only.

To include in your request:
- character(s)
- special requests (pose, colours, etc)

What I do:

- Pokemon
- Geekery
- Anime
- Animals
- Mythical creatures

I will not do drawings including (but not limited to):
- gore/violence
- nudity/porn

Many people ask me if it is okay to get one of my drawings as a tattoo. Yes absolutely, unless it was specifically commissioned by someone else to use as a tattoo (which I will say under the photo). If you do get a tattoo, send it to me! I’d love to see it, and share it if you’re okay with that. 

If you want to ‘pay me’ for my art, you can send a donation to my Paypal (send me an ask or PM) or even buy something from my store (you get cool merch to go with your tattoo!)

If you have more questions, feel free to  contact me through any of the above channels.

Past Commissions

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